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Trusting the process

This series is an oldie, but a goodie, which makes it perfect to talk about for #tbt.

2016 and 2017 were emotionally difficult years for me. I went through a heart break that took me longer to process than I thought it should. Have you ever felt like that? When you've so desperately wanted to move past something, but for whatever reason it was just harder than you were expecting. Well, it happened to me, so these two years were filled with lots of ups and personal victories, but also a lot of downs. I found myself emotionally beaten up and struggling on the daily - the real shocker to me though, was I was the one doing the beating and standing in the way of healing - that was a tremendously powerful thing to learn!

I didn't fully realize until this series began, but sometimes it's hard for me to process my feelings, I dwell on them and then get stuck in an obsessive loop. After A LOT of self reflection I've found that I do this (in part) because I'm afraid of forgetting my feels and how strong and powerful they can be. It also scares me that if I do forget the strength of my feelings I'll begin to question if those feelings were ever real in the first place. Maybe that seems kinda silly, but it's my struggle.

What I LOVE about creating art and these pieces in particular, is that I could lay my feelings down here along with all the thoughts I hadn't been able to express with words, and it could all live in harmony on these canvases. The best part about that is then I didn't have to carry them around with me anymore and I could finally process my feels and find some closure without the fear of forgetting - it's all there forever captured in paint!!

Hopefully, this leaves you feeling a little inspired and empowered to feel your feels fully, but also free to leave them.

See ya around!



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